Acupuncture Initial Consultation

In-House Acupuncture Treatment

Nutrition Consult


60 Minute Massage Session

60 Minute massage therapy session


1-on-1 Full Personal Training Session

1-on-1 45 minute training session.

$65.00 - $84.00

Stretch & Flexibility

20 minute stretch session


Challenge/Contest Weigh In

5 minute check in appointment for our in-house contests and challenges.

Contest Prep Consultation

Personal Training Consultation

15 minute Personal Training Consultation.

1-on-1 Short Personal Training Session

30 minute personal training sessions.

$45.00 - $62.50

Infrared Sauna Session

50 Minute sauna session helps improve overall health and wellness.


Double Days Check In

Weekly Check In Appointment for those participating in the Double Days Transformation program.

30 Minute Massage

30 minute massage therapy session. Choose from Swedish, trigger point, pre-natal, aromatherapy and deep tissue massage type.



Posing Coaching for bikini and figure athletes.


Acupuncture Follow-Up

In-House Acupuncture Treatment

Initial Contest Prep Consult

This appointment is for the initial contest prep meeting for those beginning the process for training for an upcoming show.